Updated XBMC and Boxee Launchers – Now With Installers!

XBMC / Boxee Launchers Updated

XBMC / Boxee Launchers Updated

My little launchers aimed at making XBMC and Boxee work with the Windows Media Center have been updated. I think the largest thing to note is that they now have an installer thanks to a comment left by user Joshka. I’ve also made some tweaks so that the media centers *really* get brought to the foreground should they be moved back for some reason. Finally, users now have the abilities to feed in any parameters they want to the launchers. I know a few of you like to use custom parameters above and beyond the standard portable mode flags. For those of you just wanting to do portable mode, that is taken care of in the installer!

Get XBMC Launcher

Get Boxee Launcher


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  2. keamas   •  

    Hi I am using Windows XP SP3 Pro but I can’t launch boxee with my remote.
    Do I need Windows XP Media Center ? Or is there no Win XP support ?
    Can anyone help me to get it working in Win XP Pro SP 3?

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