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I’ve been busy! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve updated many of my projects with new versions of things. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening.

BPMinus 0.1.7 is live with the auto updater!

BPMinus 0.1.7 is live with the auto updater!


BPMinus has been getting steadily better since I released the first beta a little while ago. I believe I’ve had three intermediate releases that fix a whole bunch of bugs and crashes. The current version is 0.1.7 and it includes all sorts of things that make setting Loop Start/Stop points feel much more natural. Right now, the big beast I’m battling is in the realm of optimizations. I’m trying to address a couple of performance issues, but they’re a bit challenging. Look for more on that front soon.

WPFSVL on CodePlex has been updated.

WPFSVL on CodePlex has been updated.

WPF Sound Visualization Library

Along with BPMinus changes, I’ve made some fixes and improvements in the WPFSVL. These were mostly made to address issues in BPMinus. There were a lot of changes to the TimeEditor in particular. The validation code for time inputs was a little bit wonky, but hopefully that has been improved. There was also a problem with the binding in the TimeEditor theme templates that caused some issues during theme changes. That should be fixed now!

XAML Regions Now in Visual Studio 11

XAML Regions Now in Visual Studio 11

XAML Regions

XAML Regions has been updated – for the first time in about a year! There’s not a whole lot new here, as the update was mainly to add Visual Studio 11 compatibility. However, I did add support for XAML Regions to work in XML files – including your app.config file! I suppose I could call it XML Regions now. I know that will benefit a few of you.

That’s it for now! The upcoming weeks will bring more BPMinus updates. Enjoy!


  1. Legoless   •  


    I am only here to congratulate you for your work. It is amazing and it has helped me a lot. And I am sure it has helped other people as well. Keep it up. 😉

    I have one question though.. Would you be prepared to share BPMinus’s theme XAML’s perhaps?

    Best Regards,


  2. Jacob   •     Author

    I probably won’t. The themes aren’t complete as I’ve only themed UI elements that are part of BPMinus, and only in ways that I use them. The themes aren’t versatile or complete enough for general purpose use.

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