Launching Boxee with a Windows Media Center Remote



Updated 10/23/2010: Based on some comments, I’ve released a new version with an installer and file for defining custom parameters. Big thanks to Joshka for showing me a neat registry trick that allowed me to create the installer. I’ve also moved the source to a subversion repository. Enjoy!

I was recently notified that Boxee might benefit from the same hack I used to get XBMC working with my Windows Media Center remote (see the post before this one). The problem was the same. While you can use a Windows Media Center remote and IR receiver (or a universal remote emulating one) to control Boxee, the green button will continue to launch Windows Media Center. I was asked to modify the little launcher I had written for launching XBMC to launch Boxee instead. About 10 seconds of coding (and another 5 minutes of testing) later, I had what appears to be a working solution.

Download BoxeeLauncher Installer
Download BoxeeLauncher Manual Install

Source code, project files, and install scripts can be found at (subversion repository)


  1. mb   •  

    I just tried this out on my htpc and it works great. Thanks for such a quick solution!

  2. Brandon   •  

    Thanks so much. I have been looking for this for a while. Works excellent on Win 7 32 bit with HP MCE remote.

  3. Jim   •  

    Awesome.. I have been trying to figure this out for awhile!

    This works great!!

  4. Jim   •  

    Oh, I am using the Gyration Music Remote and Windows 7.

  5. 2areg   •  

    SAve my life 🙂

    Works fine with boxee over windows 7 and asus vision 3D HTPC.


  6. Amiram   •  

    Installer doesn’t work on Vista X64 (didn’t try it on other systems). Manual installation works fine.

  7. natom_cz   •  

    Fantastic! Just what I desperately needed. Manual install worked for me on Win7 x64. Many thanks!

  8. D   •  

    This has been working great on W7, thanks for the efforts! Unfortunately it won’t work in W8.. any chance you will update the tool?

  9. Oldaq   •  

    Need one but for Plex home theater

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