foo_g15lcd 0.3b

I was looking at my bandwidth logs, something I do every year and a half or so, and noticed a lot of my traffic was for something I uploaded a long time ago. Let’s take a trip back.

Title screen - before a song is played.

Title screen - before a song is played.

The year was 2006. Bell-bottoms were the height of fashion and the telephone had just caught on (we called it the “harmonic telegraph” back then). Anyone who was anyone was using the foobar2000 media player. And anyone who was anyone, but was also a huge geek, was using it with their brand new Logitech G15 keyboard. However, through some perverseness in the space-time continuum, these two things didn’t work together.

The song playing display.

The song playing display.

Adrenaline pumping, I ducked into the nearest phone booth, donned my cape, and flexed my mighty C++ muscles (which have now all atrophied). I tossed all sorts of code together, not caring who was hurt in the process. After a good three, maybe four, hours of blood, sweat, and tears, I had a plug-in that made Foobar2000 songs show up on a G15 keyboard.

Here we are, almost 3 years later, and guess what, some people are still using this thing! Weird! I know! Turns out, however, that because I haven’t recompiled it with the latest SDK, it has some real trouble working with the latest version of Foobar. So I’ve recompiled it! Grab it below:

Recompiled for Foobar 1.0!:
Download Foo_G15LCD Component Version 0.3c

PS: It looks like some cool dude by the name of “ectotropic” has gone ahead and obsoleted my sorry ass. He wrote a plug-in that not only does what mine did, but does all sorts of cool things that I wanted to do (like a spectrum analyzer display!). I encourage you to check out his plug-in. I don’t really use a G15 keyboard anymore, so I haven’t tried it, but it certainly looks cool!


  1. Dylan   ā€¢  

    Thanks for this! Winamp kept crashing on me so I had to switch back to foobar. Nice to see there’s components like this available now.

  2. Sangha Lung   ā€¢  

    Feedbacking on ectotropic’s component and Your sorry ars šŸ˜‰ I’ve got a Logitech Z10 and could not start for unknown reasons ectotropic’s component. Yours did! Cool!!! Now I can control foobar from the Buddhist temple without hopping to the back room to change to another Dalai Lama meditation track. Many thanks! Wish you peace and happiness šŸ™‚

  3. R   ā€¢  

    Thanks! Works great =]

  4. phil   ā€¢  


    I use your dll with Z10 and Foobar
    It work fine.


    sorry for my bad english

  5. Blubby   ā€¢  


    download, copy to foobar components, restart foobar, works great… !!!!!!!!

    exactly what i wanted and searched for so long… thx very much!!!!

    tested with: win7 pro 64bit foobar v0.9.6.9

    again: thx…

  6. Behemoth   ā€¢  

    thank you very much, works very well

  7. Skyker   ā€¢  

    Thanks for this Awsome plugin !

    Note: it works on foobar v1.0 final šŸ˜‰


  8. MAB   ā€¢  

    Hi there

    Thanks for your awesome component. I’m using it for a long time.

    But with the new version 1.0 of foobar2000, it is now a legacy component. Is it possible for you to ewcompile the component with the new SDK? That would be great…

  9. Jacob   ā€¢     Author

    Sure, a recompile is no problem. I’ve updated the post with a link to a recompiled version šŸ™‚

  10. CJ   ā€¢  

    i wish you could make something for lcdstudio with foobar šŸ™

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